Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Dispelling the myth of water penetration concerns for a no-step entrance

I've heard time and again the water penetration concerns when a no-step entrance is designed for a home.  Here's a picture of my front door in Ottawa, Canada.  As you can see, a covered entrance and gentle sloping away from the landing is all that's needed to avoid concerns about rain and snow.  Our 36" door has the lowest wheelchair sill on the market and after over five years, we have never had such an issue.  It's about proper planning during the design stage of a new build to prevent these types of issues, which the housing industry can easily address given their experience with other snow and water concerns.  It's time to stop the excuses and move forward with homes that are  more practical and welcoming for all, regardless of age or ability.  It benefits young families, seniors, individuals with mobility challenges, moving and delivery companies, paramedics, and it allows you to sell or rent your homes to 100% of the population.  VisitAbility is not some fad, it's the next trend in new housing that should be on the radar of developers and home builders in Canada.  It's already happening in Winnipeg so it's time to catch up (