Saturday, May 07, 2016

Let's rebuild Fort McMurray according to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of Habitat III

Although my timing may seem insensitive or inappropriate given the current emergency in Fort McMurray, I think we need to start thinking about the responsible redevelopment of Fort McMurray. The unimaginable billions and endless planning that it will take to rebuild this community must also give serious consideration to the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals that are relating to their Habitat III efforts and their New Urban Agenda 2030. The number of international experts that have and will contribute to these UN efforts must not be ignored when the conversations to rebuild Fort McMurray begin.

We must also consult with our experts in Canada that are well versed in sustainable architecture, engineering and urban planning in order to ensure that this tragedy that consumed 85,000 hectares can be turned into an opportunity to display what the new and improved Fort McMurray can become. I may sound like a broken record but the Bridgwater development in Winnipeg is exactly what should be happening in this rebuilding. A community where 50% of homes are VisitAble, with kilometres of walking trails throughout and with ample green space. Experts like Glen Manning and Lanny Silver could certainly be consulted, as could architect Ron Wickman in Edmonton, and countless others  in our universities, private industry and public departments nationwide.

My prayers go out to all who have been affected by this tragedy, and my sincere gratitude to all who have have shown their compassion and generosity toward the thousands who are now struggling as you read this blog. Let's continue to show our support in their time of need but let's then extend our help in transforming Fort McMurray into a truly impressive new and sustainable community.

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